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Supra Fitness & Sports (SFS) is a renowned sports and fitness training company. Whether your goal is to rediscover the best version of you or to train as an elite athlete, SFS is able to provide a tailored solution. We have formed a team of highly qualified trainers with years of experience in fitness and sports training. They are certified and trained to employ the most effective scientific training methodologies and are proficient with the use of state of the art training equipments. They are motivated to use their experience and expertise to develop a tailored solution that will help you achieve your goal.

Who We Are

“We build success.”

Development is a long word and an even longer process. Our mission is to accelerate the process by providing a professional training environment for athletes of all competitive levels. We are the first training company in Vancouver to offer professional sports coaching with professional athletic development. This combination has facilitated the production of elite performers. We provide the appropriate level of challenge to build on their strengths while testing, identifying, and correcting potential weaknesses. Our proven methods are embedded in all the programs we offer.

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At Supra Fitness and Sport we strive to provide premium physical fitness training to every individual regardless of their availability and schedule. Our online training is ideal for clients who are lacking the time to physically commute to a location. We have programs designed meet any needs of client whether it is building strength, getting leaner, more toned, or improving overall health.

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Our apparel is comprised of materials that will maximize athletic comfort and performance. Furthermore we wanted to create staple pieces that are cutting edge in style. The combination of style and performance apparel will make your workout and sporting activities easier as well as make you look and feel amazing.

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