3-speeds-cIn any era or generation, the differentiating factor that separates an elite athlete from an average performer is speed. It is our belief that to create the complete athlete, it is imperative to develop and train the “Three Speeds”.

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Supra Fitness and Sport offers a wide array of fitness opportunities to anyone seeking support to improve themselves in any physical capacity. Training programs are designed and delivered to tailored to client’s wants and needs. We provide different platforms such as, Personal Training, Group Training, and Online Training, allowing individuals diversity on how they want to achieve their fitness goals. The SFS team brings experience and knowledge differentiating them from other fitness companies enabling us to provide clients with the most advanced and current training programs. So if you are looking to reach new physical limits and goals then join team SFS now.

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At SFS, we offer a full range of selective and highly effective sports training solutions and sports performance development programs for athletes of all ages and skill levels. Each one of our training programs can be customized according to the specific needs of each individual, team, or entire organization. These programs are designed to provide the practical knowledge and skills needed for each athlete to optimize their performance and to reach their full potential.