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Supra Fitness and Sports is a sports and fitness training company. We provide an array of fitness training solutions and services for people looking to incorporate physical activity as part of their healthy lifestyle: One-on-One Private Training, Group Training, Bootcamps  and Nutritional Consultation. We also offer sport specific athletic and technical skills development for those seeking to take their game to the next level. We are a pioneer in our field and we have been successfully serving our clients in British Columbia, Canada since 2010.

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Supra Fitness & Sports (SFS) employs a group of performance trainers that are able to provide multiple solutions. They are specialists in their fields as they bring fourth a wealth of professional experience in various sports and fitness training. They are fully certified to administer all our fitness, athletic development, and sport coaching programs. They are dedicated to continuously increasing their knowledge and they work tirelessly to refine their techniques so they can support you with your goals.

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SFS Athlete Sponsorship

SFS provides sponsorship to  athletes who embrace the entire athletic experience—training and community involvement—and want to share it with others. After all, since so much more time is spent preparing to compete than actually competing it only makes sense to enjoy the entire process, and not just focus on yourself.

Player Development

Thank you to our dedicated partners and sponsors. With the support of our small business partners, we are able to continue making a real impact in the community with our programs and services. Our partners and sponsors not only bring in valuable contributions to the company but extend our reach in different communities across the province of British Columbia.

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Common questions and answers about Supra Fitness and Sports.

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