Q: What is Supra Fitness & Sports Inc.?

A: A fitness company, which encompasses in personal training, sport specific training, and athlete development for youths as young as 6 and up to the adult ages. Our programs are comprised of scientific-based training regiments, which have been tried and tested by many walks of life. At SFS we treat everyone like an athlete regardless of your goals.


Q: What is Performance Sports Training?

A: Training focused on improving an athlete’s in sport performance or return to sport from an injury or long lay-off. It is all about developing a competitive advantage in sport.


Q: How do you do it?

A: We offer individualized training and programs delivered in small groups with a 1:5 trainer to athlete ratio, which follow scientifically-based protocols comprised of multiple sessions which are tailored specifically for the individuals required timeline. We also provide technical coaching for sports to improve technical skills and sport performance.


Q: Will it work for me / my athlete?

A: Our SFS Training has “worked” for many athletes, from the peewees to the pros, novice to varsity, or recreational to the most serious. SFS training programs have documented average performance improvements of 0.2 – 0.4 seconds in 40 yards which equates to 6’ – 10′ of separation; 4” of vertical jump height; 5 mph in throwing velocity; and significant improvements in running efficiency. Fitness programs have been able to reduce body fat percentage, increase muscle mass, and muscle tone.


Q: Who uses the program?

A: Please check out our Supra-Stars to see who is or has used our training methods.



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